Solar Bootcamp University

The worlds first live streaming esport solar sales platform
Business Flexibility

Run your business your way

SBU revolutionary software gives you control over how you and your team earns money, bonuses and incentives.
SBU Project Management

SBU helps your project run smoothly

With SBU dedicated project management team and automated processes we help your project run fast and easy. Finding and entering a lead, creating a proposal, securing homeowner financing, solar installation design, install management, and frequent updates on your project all the way to install. Your SBU project manager will have your back.
Close Your Deal

Choose who you want to close your deal and for how much

Distribute your leads to your team of sellers. Or harness SBU Platform’s pool of trained closers to help you bring your deal over the finish line.


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Accounting Simplified

Payments made easy

When you get paid we distribute your business’s earnings per your specified distribution plan. No need to cut checks anymore, everything is fully automated.
Your Team: Lead Generators

Pay your lead generators the way you want

Bring on your lead generators and pay them how you want. Lead generators pay can be customized accordingly to each project. An awesome opportunity for all involved.
Train your team

Get Started Fast with Solar Bootcamp University

You’ll have access to an enormous wealth of knowledge on topics ranging from virtual solar sales, to ai tools, to lead generation and so much more. Earn access to our University that will complete your knowledge as a professional virtual solar sales rep.

Our Team

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